Li Jie will assume the post of President of China

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the chairman of Tianzhong semen was resigned for personal reasons. Bank of East Asia (BEA) was fined 16.74 million yuan ($16.74 million) by the Shanghai branch of the People's Bank of China for illegal information collection After the comprehensive suspension of "nurturance class" network comprehensive and indulgent drama,, a comprehensive domestic business The drill bit of nasa's Perseverance rover was stuck with rubble and could not take samples for the time being Chinese scientists have discovered a strategy for treating COVID-19: using particles to bind to the virus Why do you want to take a red wine before going to! Shake a shake wine glass? After reading the line "Duty-free" is low, Announced real-fired people to change the news for four days。

and the first rich in Fujian has been set. The 33-year-old beautiful girl Xueba became a professor of Zhejiang University and admitted the reason for returning to China: I am Chinese Former search president of Baidu xiang Hailong joins Transsion The company that sells mobile phones wants to do more Internet , the market value has evaporated for 400 billion, Li Jie will assume the post of President of China, the audience deserves better Add personnel changes now, futures big,。



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